The Sooner, The Better.








So, you need a Dental Implant, but you are reluctant to get started.  Here at Lake Texoma Dental Care, We understand that there is some hesitation and life does tend to get in the way.  However, Take a few minutes to read this list of why you should not wait on your Dental Implant.

  1.  Stop your remaining teeth from moving.  Your teeth help keep everything in it's place.  When you are missing a tooth, and have a gap, your teeth will start to shift to fill in that gap.  That could cause not only uneven teeth, but teeth that are harder to clean and, in the end, teeth that will cost you even more to fix.
  2. Save Your Jawbone.  When you are missing a tooth, your jawbone slowly starts to deteriorate and shrink away.  The roots of your teeth keep the jawbone stimulated to maintain the bone mass.  The longer you are missing the tooth, the more the bone will disintegrate, making the implant process more difficult.
  3. The appearance of your face.  Living without a tooth can eventually change how you look, especially if you suffer from bone deterioration.  The longer you go, your skin could begin to make your cheeks sag, which will make you look older than you are.
  4. The way you speak.  When you are missing a tooth, it could make it hard to annunciate words, making you sound like you have a lisp.
  5. Your overall self-esteem.  Getting a dental implant will allow it to feel like your normal tooth.  No one will know that you have an implant unless you tell them.

These are just a few reasons as to why you shouldn't wait to get your dental implant.  If you are experiencing any hesitations or have further questions, contact our office at    (903)465-4055.  We are happy to ease your mind and get you back on track to a beautiful smile.

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