FastBraces: Want or Need

For decades, people have believed that getting braces was solely a cosmetic procedure. It was considered a "Want", and not a "Need". Research over the last several years however, has proven that braces are not just a cosmetic benefit. Mal-positioned or crowded teeth have bone abnormalities which causes a severely aggressive form of bacteria to grow that destroys bone, increases inflammation and is linked to numerous systemic diseases including heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer's. Additionally, when teeth are not properly aligned, they are more difficult to clean and this results in higher levels of plaque, bacteria and bleeding of the gum tissues.

Fortunately, we have a solution - FastBraces!!!!

FastBraces is a uniquely designed system of teeth straightening that has years of research backing it and the only straightening system with 3 patents. FastBraces treats mal-positioned teeth, restores normal bone levels, reduces gum inflammation and eliminates pathogenic forms of bacteria that cause bone destruction and systemic disease. These wonderful effects of FastBraces prove that straightening your teeth is no longer a "Want" anymore, it is a "Need"!  -  Jodi Bates, R.D.H. - Lake Texoma Dental Care & Wellness

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